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I thought it would be really fun to do surprise bags!

Each bag includes:

    * one small print
    * five stickers
    * five magnets
    * one bookmark
    * one pencil sketch of any Pokemon you want!

Each bag is worth $15 + shipping, but since they're surprise bags, I'm selling each for $10 USD including shipping! So basically, you're getting a bunch of free stuff!

I only have 10 bags so if you're interested, send me an email at, and don't forget to include which Pokemon you want a sketch of. ♡
I think most people on dA are following me for doll things, but I might as well post this here too! I just set up a post with a bunch of cute Pokemon magnets, stickers, and more over at my eljay. I'm also taking commissions~…
sup guys

I draw a lot of pokemon. And I post them here:

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